Small Town Sustainability: Economic, Social, and Environmental Innovation

Paul L. Knox,Heike Mayer - 著者

Birkhäuser - 出版

発行年 - 2009年

  • Preface
  1. Introduction
    • Why Focus on Small Towns?
    • Globalization and Small Town Development
    • Liveability and Sustainability
  2. Mobilising for Change in Small Towns
    • Mobilisation Against Globalisation
    • Local, Organic, Authentic, Slow
    • Networking Toward Sustainability
  3. Environmental Sustainability
    • Sustainability Conflicts
    • Environmental Problems in Small Towns
    • The Big Picture: Global and Local Action
    • Sweden's Eko Kommun Movement
    • Land Use and Urban Development
    • Vigorous Small Town Responses
  4. Inherited Identities: Built Form and Sense of Place
    • The Legacy of Built Form
    • A Cumulative Legacy
    • The Social Construction of Place
    • Affect and Intersubjectivity
  5. Sustainability by Design
    • Designs for Liveability
    • Street Life: Content, Movement, and Conviviality
  6. Sustainable Economies
    • Economic Challenges
    • Chasing Smokestacks or Developing Community?
    • Alternative Economic Spaces
    • Small Business Development
    • Place Economies
  7. Coviviality, Hospitality, and Local Products
    • Coviviality
    • Hospitality
    • Local Products
  8. Creativity and Culture
    • Community-based Art, Culture, and Creativity
    • The Creative Class Debate
  9. Equity: Housing, Work, and Social Well-being
    • Equaity and Social Well-Being
    • The Institutional Infrastructure: Partnerships, Community Capacity, and Community Engagement
  10. Conclusion: What Works (and What Doesn't)
    • Will Small Towns Make a Difference?
    • Critical Success Factors
  • Notes
  • Photo Credits
  • Ley References
  • Internet Resources
  • Index of Places
170 x 240 mm。192ページ。テキスト英語。わずかな角打ち有。
都市,社会地理学,建築の専門家の近著。グローバル経済の中でのSmall Townの持続的将来像について政治経済文化的観点からその都市計画における方法論を検証する。

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Small Town Sustainability: Economic, Social, and Environmental Innovation

Small Town Sustainability: Economic, Social, and Environmental Innovation」と同じ分野の古書