Some Problems of Philosophy

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William James - 著者

F.Burkhardt, F.Bowers - Eds.

Harvard University Press - 出版

発行年 - 1979年


仕様ハードカバー カバー 464頁本編


「Some Problems of Philosophy」 買取

Some Problems of Philosophy


  • Foreword
  • Introduction by Peter H. Hare
  • Some Problems of Philosophy
    • Appendix
  • Notes
  • Appendixes
    1. (a)Draft Leaves in bMS Am 1092.9(4519)/(b)Fragment of a Rejected Section
    2. Alterations in Draft Leaves and Fragment of a Rejected Section
    3. Annotations in TMs1b by F. C. S. Schiller
  • A Note on the Editorial Method
  • The Text of Some Problems of Philosophy
    1. The History
    2. The Documents
    3. Kallen's Rearrangement of the Chapters
    4. The First Typescript: A Reconstructed History
    5. The Editorial Problem
  • Apparatus
    • Emendations
    • Textual Notes
    • Historical Collation
    • Alterations in the Manuscript
    • Word-Division
  • General Index
  • Key to the Pagination of Editions

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