Essays in Radical Empiricism

<The Works of William James>

William James - 著者

F.Burkhardt, F.Bowers - Eds.

Harvard University Press - 出版

発行年 - 1976年

  • Does 'Consciousness' Exist?
  • A World of Pure Experience
  • The Thing and Its Relations
  • How Two Minds Can Know One Thing
  • The Place of Affectional Facts in a World of Pure Experience
  • The Experience of Activity
  • The Essence of Humanism
  • La Notion de Conscience
  • Is Radical Empiricism Solipsistic?
  • Mr. Pitkin's Refutation of 'Radical Empiricism'
  • A Reply to Mr. Pitkin
  • Humanism and Truth Once More
  • Absolutism and Empiricism
  • Controversy about Truth
  1. The Experience of Activity
  2. Discussion Following "La Notion de Conscience"
  3. "La Notion de Conscience": Translation
  4. James and John E. Russell
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Essays in Radical Empiricism

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