American Photography Two

Edited by - Edward Booth-Clibborn

American Photography - 出版

発行年 - 1986年


サイズ235 x 310 mm
仕様ハードカバー カバー

価格 2884円(税込)

  • 送料:全国一律400円 (レターパック・ゆうメール等)
  • 宅急便:別途700円から (総額5400円以上で「宅急便」送料が無料となります)
  • American Photography Two
  • American Photography Two1
  • American Photography Two2
  • American Photography Two3
  • American Photography Two4
  • American Photography Two5
  • American Photography Two6
American Photography Two


  • Introduction, by Edward Booth-Clibborn
  • The Jury: Robert Best, Christopher Garland, Don Owens, J.C. Suares, Lloyd Ziff
  • Editorial: Plates 1-86: Photographs for newspaper supplements; consumer, trade and technical magazines and periodicals
  • Advertising and Posters: Plates 87-97: Work for advertising in consumer, trade and professional periodicals and brochures as well as posters
  • Promotion: Plates 98-115: All forms off design photographs including technical or industrial literature, brochures, annual reports, calendars and self-promotion pieces
  • Books: Plates 116-140: Photographs for non-fiction books
  • Unpublished work: Plates 141-168: Commissioned by unpublished photographs, and personal work by professionals, amateurs and students
  • Index: Names and addresses of photographers. Index of picture editors, designers, art directors, writers, publications, publishers, design groups, advertising agencies and clients

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