Plato's Theory of Ideas

Sir David Ross - 著者

Oxford University Press - 出版

発行年 - 1951年 1971 reprint

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Plato's Theory of Ideas


  1. The Order of the Dialogues
  2. The Beginnings of the Theory
  3. The Phaedo
  4. The Republic and the Phaedrus
  5. The Parmenides and the Theaetetus
  6. The Sophistes and the Politicus
  7. The Timaeus and the Philebus
  8. The Laws and the Seventh Letter
  9. Plato's 'Unwritten Doctrines'
  10. Aristotle's Account of Plato's Earlier Doctrine
  11. The Population of the World of Ideas
  12. The Ideal Numbers
  13. The 'Things after the Numbers'
  14. The Ideas and Soul
  15. The Ideas and the Ideal Numbers
  16. The Ideas and Sensible Things
  17. Retrospect
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  • Greek Index

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