The New Moderns: From Late to Neo Modernism

Charles Jencks - 著者

Academy Edition - 出版

発行年 - 1990年


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仕様ハードカバー カバー 300ページ

価格 6600円(税込)

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The New Moderns: From Late to Neo Modernism


  • Introduction
  • Section I Late and New Modernism
    • The New Moderns
    • Late-Modernism and Post-Modernism
    • The Rethoric of Late Modernism - A Pictorial Essay
    • The High-Tech Maniera
    • Ben Johnson and Transcendental Materialism
  • Section II Srious Jokes
    • Irrational Rationalism - The Rats since 1960
    • Philip Johnson - The Candid King of Midas of New york Camp
    • Dialogues with Philip Johnson
    • Wolf Bites Wolfe
    • Symbolism and Blasphemesis
    • Pei's Greenhouse Effect
  • Section III Neo-Modernist Practice
    • Frank Gehry - The First Deconstructionist
    • Deconstruction - The Sound of One Mind Laughing (or the Solipsist's Delight)
    • Dialogues with Peter Eisenman
    • Richard Meier and The Modern Tradition
    • Dialogues with Richard Meier on Late, Neo, and Post-modernism
    • Dialogue with Fumihiko Maki
    • The Rethoric of Neo-Modernism - A Pictorial Essay
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgements
  • Index

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