Deconstruction - Architectural Design Profile

Architectural Design Profile

Andreas C. Papadakis - Editor

Architectural Design - 出版

発行年 - 0年

デコンストラクションの始まりとされるMoMA展と同年に Tate Gallery にて開催された同テーマの展覧会に併せ発行された。Architectural Design 誌におけるシリーズ Architectural Design Profile としての3部冊。提唱者ジャック・デリダをはじめ、同スタイルに属する建築家たち:バーナード・チュミ、ザハ・ハディド、ピーター・アイゼンマン、フランク・ゲーリー、ダニエル・リベスキンド、モーフォシス、コープ・ヒンメルブラウ、藤井博巳などの建築論をテキスト、作品で紹介する。

サイズ(ヨコ mm)220

価格 6480円(税込)

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Deconstruction - Architectural Design Profile

Deconstruction in Architecture - Architectural Design Profile 72

  • 1988年
  • Deconstruction at the Tate Gallery
  • Derrida, Architecture and Photography - Andrew Benjamin
  • The Lessons of the Russian Avant-Garde - Catherine Cooke
  • Deconstruction: The Pleasures of Absence - Charles Jencks
  • Parc de la Villette, Paris - Bernard Tschumi
  • Two Recent Projects for Berlin and Hong Kong - Zaha Hadid
  • San Antonio Botanic Conservatory, Texas - Emilio Ambasz
  • An Architectural Design - Peter Eisenman, interview by Charles Jencks
  • Wexner Center for the Visual Arts, Ohio State University - Peter Eisenman
  • Hamburg Media Skyline - Coop Himmelblau
  • Museum of Modern Art Project, Frankfurt - SITE
  • The Aesthetics of the Present - Elias Zenghelis
  • Checkpoint Charlie Housing, Berlin - OMA
  • Winton Guest House, Minnesota - Frank Gehry
  • Sixth Street Project - Morphosis
Deconstruction in Architecture - Architectural Design Profile 72

Deconstruction 2 - Architectural Design Profile 77

  • 1989年
Jacques Derrida
In discussion with Christopher Norris
Bernard Tschumi
New National Theatre of Japan: New County Hall, Strasbourg
Daniel Libeskind
The Surface Must Die. A Proof; The Four Texts
Still Life with Red Predictions
Berlin 'City Edge' Competition
Line of Fire
Micromegas and Collage Rombus
Peter Eisenman
En Terror Firma: In Trails of Grotexts
Bio-Centrum, Frankfurt; Carnegie-Mellon Research Institute, Guardiola House, Santa Maria del Mar
Andrew Benjamin
Eisenman and the Housing of Tradition
Hiromi Fujii
Dispersed, Multi-Layered Space
Stanley Tigerman
Construction (De)Construction (Re)Construction
Behnisch and Partners
Hysolar Institute, University of Stuttgart
Comprehensive Cancer Center; Kate Mantilini Restaurant
Deconstruction 2 - Architectural Design Profile 77

Deconstruction 3 - Architectural Design Profile 87

  • 1990年
Mark Wigley
The Translation of Architecture: The Product of Babel
Daniel Libeskind
An Architectural Design Interview
Frank Gehry
The Vitra Design Museum
Bernard Tschumi
Zentrum fur Kunst und Meientechnologie
Glass Video Gallery
Bernard Tschumi & Jean Francois Erhel
Art et Publicite
Columbia School of Architecture
Student Projects
Wolf Plix
On the Edge
Coop Himmelblau
Open House
Jasmac Bar
Rehak House
Recent Projects
Cook & Hawley, Bolles Wilson, Morphosis, Coop Himmelblau & Ryoji Suzuki
Osaka Follies
Zaha Hadid
Moonsoon Restaurant
Deconstruction 3 - Architectural Design Profile 87

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