The English Medieval Town

Colin Platt - 著者

Secker & Warburg - 出版

発行年 - 1986年 Reissued

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The English Medieval Town


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  1. Urban Origins
    Problems of scale; urban renewal in anglo-saxon england; fortification, the community and borough right; post-conquest growth and the exclusion of the aristocracy; town plantations and grants of market as evidence of urban growth.
  2. The Urban Landscape
    Dominant influences on town plans-markets, defences, castles, abbeys; administrative and social influences, the suburbs; fortification; trading quarters; streets, paving and the prevention of encroachments; tenement plots; the first town houses; the partition of tenement plots and its effect on house plans; houses of right-angle, parallel and courtyard types; lesser town houses; cottages; sanitation; furnishings.
  3. The Borough Economy Growth and Decline
    Local markets and the distribution of goods; transport and fairs; england's overseas trade-wool and cloth, and the impact of changes in demand on the towns; other causes of economic recovery and recession in the late-medieval boroughs.
  4. Borough Society
    Recruitment; replacement-rates and life expectations; country properties; family and neighbourhood ties; the distribution of wealth; lesser men and the crafts; trade regulation, the crafts and borough government; class conflict; oligarchies; opponents of oligarchy.
  5. The Borough Constitution
    The borough defined; early liberties and burgage tenure; the fee farm and the commune; the charters of john; the ipswich charter of 1200; borough government and its officers; thirteenth-century administrative advance; incorporation and the country boroughs; the boroughs as owners of property; charges on borough finances.
  6. The Church in the Boroughs
    Parish church origins; the proprietary church; the shedding of advowsons; the parish church as public building; hospitals and almshouses; the friars; parish fraternities; chantries and obits; the chantry priest and the parish clergy; heresy.
  7. The Early-Modern Borough: Continuity and Change
    Inflation, population growth, industrial change; the reformation in the towns; burgess investment in town properties; the great rebuilding; lawyers and gentry in the towns; envoi.

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