Gunnar Asplund

Peter Blundell Jones - 著者

Phaidon - 出版

発行年 - 2006年


サイズ(ヨコ mm)247
仕様ハードカバー カバー 237ページ


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  • Gunnar Asplund
  • Gunnar Asplund1
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Gunnar Asplund


  1. Introduction
    • Gunnar Asplund, his reputation, his place in Modern Movement
  2. First Architectural Works
    • Asplund's early life and education, the influence of Ragnar Ostberg and others, National Romanticism
  3. The Birth of Swedish Grace
    • Neo-classicism: Villa Callin, Snellman House, Karl Johan School
  4. The Architecture of Death: Part One
    • The Woodland Chapel at the Enskede Cemetery project with Sigurd Lewerentz, Neo-classical mausolea
  5. The City as Context
    • Town planning projects for a new Chancellery and workers' housing in Stockholm, Gotaplatsen and Gustav Adolf Square in Gothenburg
  6. Rites of Passage
    • The Lister Courthouse, Skandia Cinema, Stockholm City Library
  7. The Stockholm Exhibition
    • The influence of Le Corbusier and others, travels to Sothern Europe, the transition to Modernism
  8. Swedish Functionalism
    • Competition entry for flats on Norr Malarstrand, Bredenberg Department Store, State Bacteriological Laboratories, Bromma airport project, competition entries for Social Welfare Offices and State Veterinary Bacteriological Institute
  9. New and Old
    • The problem of relating modernity and tradition: the Gothenburg Law Courts
  10. Wild and Rustic
    • The legacy of National Romantiscism: house at Stennas
  11. The Architecture of Death: Part Two
    • The crematorium at the Enskede Cemetery, the crematoria of Kviberg and Skovde
  12. Asplund's Place in History
    • Asplund's influence on Alvar Aalto and others, his legacy to Scandinavian Modernism
  • Notes
  • Bibliography and picture credits
  • Index and acknowledgements

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