Education of Vision (Vision + Value Series)

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Gyorgy Kepes - Editor

George Braziller - 出版

発行年 - 1965年

ジョージ・ケペッシュ編集による Vision + Value シリーズ第1巻。視覚についての教育理論をさまざまな分野を包括しながら大系化、科学、アート各界の識者による論考集。

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Education of Vision (Vision + Value Series)


Gyorgy Kepes
Rudolf Arnheim
Visual Thinking
Wolfgang Metzger
The Influence of Aesthetic Examples
Anton Ehrenzweig
Conscious Planning and Unconscious Scanning
Gerald Holton
Conveying Science by Visual Presentation
Will Burtin
Design and Communication
William J. J. Gordon
The Metaphorical Way of Knowing
Johannes Itten
The Foundation Course at the Bauhaus
Tomas Maldonado
Design Education
Student Work, Visual Design Courses, M.I.T.
Paul Rand
Design and the Play Instinct
Mirko Basaldella
Visual Considerations
Julian Beinart
Visual Education for Emerging Cultures:
Bartlett H. Hayes, Jr.
The African Opportunity Art and Education Past and Present
Robert Preusser
Visual Education for Science and Engineering Students
Robert Jay Wolf
Visual Intelligence in General Education

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