The Nature and Art of Motion (Vision + Value Series)

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Gyorgy Kepes - Editor

George Braziller - 出版

発行年 - 1965年


サイズ(ヨコ mm)225
仕様ハードカバー カバー 195ページ


「The Nature and Art of Motion (Vision + Value Series)」 買取

The Nature and Art of Motion (Vision + Value Series)


Gyorgy Kepes
Motion Images
Gerald Holton
Science and the Deallegorization of Motion
James S. Ackerman
Art and Evolution
Gillo Dorfles
The Role of Motion in Our Visual Habits and Artistic Creation
Hans Wallach
Visual Perception of Motion
James J. Gibson
Constancy and Invariance in Perception
Stanley W. Hayter
Orientation, Direction, Cheirality, Velocity and Rhythm
George Rickey
The Morphology of Movement: A Study of Kinetic Art
Katharine Kuh
Recent Kinetic Art
Karl Gerstner
Structure and Movement
Hans Richter
My Experience with Movement in Painting and in Film
Robert Gessner
Seven Faces of Time: An Aesthetic for Cinema
Gordon B. Washburn
Structure and Continuity in Exhibition Design
Donald Appleyard
Motion, Sequence and the City

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