Membrane Structures in Japan

Kazuo Ishii - 著者


発行年 - 1995年 3月 15日


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  • Membrane Structures in Japan
  • Membrane Structures in Japan1
  • Membrane Structures in Japan2
  • Membrane Structures in Japan3
Membrane Structures in Japan


  1. Introduction
  2. History of Membrane Structures in Japan
    1. Road to Permanent Architecture - Early 1980s
    2. Late 1980s
    3. Around 1990
  3. The Market of Membrane Structures in Japan
    1. Requests from the Market of Membrane Structural Designers
    2. New Usage
    3. Market
  4. The Safety Concepts for Membrane Structures in Japan
    1. Safety of Architecture
    2. Membrane Structural Design
  5. Selected Works From Japan's Collection of Architectural Beauties
    1. Suspension Membrane Structures
      • Kitsunegasaki Recreation Center Young Land
      • Automobile Pavilion Expo 70
      • Daidarasaurus Station Shelter Expo' 70
      • Gate Shelter Okinawa Ocean Expo 75
      • Structural Design and Analysis (Supplement)
      • Entertainment Pavilion Portopia Expo 81
      • Structural Design and Analysis (Supplement)
      • Sanrio Phantasien Shops
      • Yamamura Women's Jr. Cullege Gymnasium
      • Dosan Kanroku Noodle Restaurant
      • Marine World Ocean Eculogy Aquarium
      • Gate Shelter Yokohama Expo'89
      • Development Project ORC220 Paradiso
      • Amagi Dome the Amagi Yugashima Town Multi-Sports Center
      • Hakuryu Dome Gymnasium
    2. Air-Supported/Air-Inflated Membrane Structures
      • U.S.A. Pavilion Expo 70
      • Fuji Group Pavilion Expoʻ70
      • Mush-balloon Shade Shelter Expo' 70
      • Senri Celcy Air Tent Leisure Center
      • Structural Design and Analysis (Supplement)
      • Kajima Airdome Indoor Tennis Court
      • Technocosmos Tsukuba Expo'85
      • Structural Design and Analysis (Supplement)
      • World Orchid Conference Pavilions
      • Tokyo Dome "Big Egg"
      • Big Wave Sea & Island Expo' 89
    3. Steel Frame Membrane Structures
      • International Exhibition Center Osaka
      • Intex Plaza Iwate Campal Factory
      • Kaetsu Memorial Gymnasium
      • Suntory Pavilion Tsukuba Expo' 85
      • My Dome Soda Shoten
      • Fishery Shops La Sante Yamaha Sporting Green Tennis Facilities
      • Orio Gymnasium
      • Tottori Dome Kushiro City Community Gymnasium
      • Akita Skydome Akita Pref. Central Park Domed Ground
      • 2nd Gymnasium Nihon University
      • Wave Noto Indoor Tennis Court
      • Marinepia Sports Dome Sakuragi cho Station Platform Shed
      • Aomori Sun Dome Indoor Ground
      • Hanshin Race Course Grandstand Shed
      • Hiroshima Athletic Stadium Mainstand Shed
    4. Timber Frame Membrane Structures
      • Silk Road Exposition, Nara Nobori-Oji Pavilions
      • Tohya Sun Palace Wide Bath House
      • Woodpia Iwaki Museum
      • lwase Sports Dome
      • Izumo Dome Stadium
    5. Small-Scale Membrane Structures
      • GAZEBO Compound Building
      • ROTUNDA Compound Building
      • HAMLET Cullective Residence
      • Fukiya International Villa
      • Sukiya-Yu Buddhist Altar Room
      • Supermarket Marufuji No.1 Store
      • Supermarket Marufuji No.2 Store
    6. Retractable Roof Membrane Structures
      • Mukogawa Gakuin Senior High/Junior High Schoul Indoor Poul
      • BALL DOME Technical Skill Training Center Gymnasium
      • Ocean Dome Indoor Water Park
      • Convertible Dome Stadium Design of Retractable Roof (Plan)
    7. Most Recent Membrane Structures
      • Kashima Soccer Stadium
      • Higashi Hirao Football Stadium
      • Todoroki Stadium
      • Nagai Athletic Ground
      • Seibu-en Cycling Stadium
      • Kumamoto Indoor Playground
      • Akita 0-Dome
      • Komatsu Dome
    8. Japanese Law for Membrane Structure
      1. The Building Standard Law
      2. Design Guidelines and Standards for Membrane Structures in Japan
      3. Technical Standards for Membrane Structural Buildings
      4. Procedure for Construction of Membrane Structural Buildings in Japan
    9. Organizations and Firms Related to Membrane Structures
      1. The Building Center of Japan
      2. Membrane Structures Association of Japan
      3. Fabricators in Japan
      4. Manufacturer of Membrane Materials in Japan
    10. Membrane Materials in Japan
      1. Types of Membrane Materials Produced in Japan
      2. Classification and Test Items of Membrane Materials
      3. Safety Factor of Membrane Materials
      4. Current Problems of Membrane Materials
  6. Technology Column

    • Suspension Membrane Structure of Large Grid Cable Net
    • Development of Mush-balloon
    • Low Rise Cable Reinforced Air-Supported Membrane Structure
    • Possibilities for Pneumatic Membrane Structures
    • "Floating Roof" Plan-Area Shed
    • Light and Shadow
    • Resolution for Dirt
    • Initial Tensile Force Introduction Device
    • How to Photograph Model Contour Lines


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